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A Bahá'í-Inspired Elementary School
Escuela de las Naciones
A Bahá'í-Inspired Elementary School

Download, 15 pages

The Escuela de las Naciones (School of the Nations) was established in the town of Arecibo, Puerto Rico in 1991, as a private, non-profit, competency-based, K-6 elementary school. This monograph provides an overview of the establishment and functioning of the school, including the students, facilities, classroom design, curriculum, instructional methods and materials, system of evaluation, schedule, and integration of the arts and service.

A positive and effective learning environment was created based on educational research, best practices, and Bahá'í principles of education. Particular attention was paid to character training; to fostering a climate of utmost order and discipline; to the development of a loving, cooperative school spirit; and to encouraging students to make the greatest progress in the shortest period of time. The result was a successful experiment in educational reform.

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