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Starting a Bahá'í-Inspired Academic School
Starting a Bahá'í-Inspired Academic School
An Essential Checklist

Download, 20 pages

This booklet presents basic guidelines and precautions for those considering the establishment of a Bahá'í-inspired academic school. It provides a useful framework for organizing critical tasks and decisions. For example:

Will it be an initiative of the Bahá'í community? Will it be advertised as a Bahá'í school with direct religious instruction and Holy Days off? Will it be privately-owned and incorporate Bahá'í principles such as gender equality and race unity, but without a religious curriculum? Will it be a public charter school?

A well-attended workshop on "Starting a Bahá'í-Inspired Academic School" was presented at the national "Building the Kingdom" Conference held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in June, 2001.

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