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From Atheist to Bahai, A Journey Through Suffering By Susan Lieberman Walker, Ph.D.
From Atheist to Bahá'í
A Journey Through Suffering

Soft cover, 90 pages

An avowed atheist's mystical experiences lead her to believe in God, yet she is wary of organized religion and its hypocrisies. Join her as she journeys through suffering and deep reflection toward embracing the profound teachings of the Bahá'í Faith.

The book begins: "God. The opiate of the masses. A creation by humankind to deal with the uncertainty of the physical world. An imaginary being to soothe humans in a random universe filled with suffering. An explanation for impermanence - to assist people in facing their own death. I accepted these ideas as truth. I couldn't see God; He didn't exist."

What People Are Saying

"The book is awesome, nourishing, beautiful. Thank you for writing it!" - Liz Brodersen

"Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey. After I finished reading it, I thought it would make wonderful gifts for family and friends." - Carol Singleton Hudson

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